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A website A blog Web 2.0 social media web marketing services.  Scan in your business cards to an electronic database.
Tell your story to the world.  A place where you can make frequent updates of information to people.  Become better connected to people you know and expand the number of people you know Can be used for an e-mailing campaign or to locate data electronically

My qualifications  include: a masterís degree in business, more than 20 years of experience in professional writing, and a high level of computer literacy and PC skills.  I also taught Web Site Design at the University of North Florida.   I am not, however, a computer programmer; and if what you want done is beyond what I can do, I will tell you so.  At present I am not doing shopping carts or doing my own web hosting. 

Also check out my humor and wisdom website: www.humorandwisdom.com.  This is more complex and elaborate than what I am offering for my $50 simple website, but illustrates what I can do.  This website is a top rated website!   The 2 most popular search engines on the planet rate this website as being the best within my chosen subject matter of "humor and wisdom".  To see this for yourself... input the phrase, "humor and wisdom" into Google or Yahoo.

  • Google ranks my website #1 out of over 66,000 websites they list on the humor and wisdom topic.
  • Yahoo ranks my website in the top 10 out of over 9 million humor and wisdom websites they list.  They re-scan from time to time and the exact ranking changes. 

My writing abilities are also top rated.  Barnes and Noble ranks my book #37 out of 2,250 joke and riddle books they sell, based on total sales.  That's the upper 2%.

Roger Kuder, 4727 Cumberland Station Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32257-5112
Phone: 737-8855
Note: I donít believe in posting e-mail addresses to the Web.  Doing so leads to getting spam.  I donít post mine.  I will post yours to your site if you want me to, but recommend against it.


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